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Gorge Electrical Services is an electrical contractor in Victoria, BC and surrounding areas offering quality electrical services for both residential and commercial customers. Our services range from small and large renovations, home electrical work and automation, to commercial lighting, heating service and more. Call us today and equip your home with superior electrical solutions at competitive prices.
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A company built on core values, Gorge Electrical Services was founded in 1993 to create innovative, functional, and cost-effective electrical solutions for clients in various industries. We have the expertise, flexibility, and resources to fabricate and install custom electrical systems. We install, monitor, automate, and maintain electrical systems in a wide variety of applications and industries. As electrical contractors, we conduct every business transaction with honor and integrity, and we treat everyone we meet with respect and dignity. It’s just how we do business. If you are looking for committed electrical experts 24/7, then hurry up and get in touch with our award winning services.