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by Gorge Electrical Services - February, 2019
• Anyone installing in-floor heating in their home is sure to ask their electrician if the wire they are installing is rated for primary heat source, if they are replacing the in-floor heat for baseboard.
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• There’s a lot of complaints lately about hydro costs, especially as they are on the rise. Replacing your cheap inefficient pot light bulbs for an LED par 20 or par 30 size will reduce your day to day average power use drastically. They are easily dimmable with Lutron’s new led drivable dimmers. Call us today for a quote to retrofit.

by Gorge Electrical Services - January, 2019
• When building your next house, make sure you are installing network cables to all your cable and telephone locations. We are not far away from having TV’s with a straight RJ45 connection instead of HDMI or straight coax.

• Your electrical system should be maintained just like your vehicle every 3-4 years by a licensed electrician. We recommend that home owners turn their breakers on and off in the panel once every year to exercise the breakers from seizing
by Gorge Electrical Services - December, 2018
• If your home was built in the early mid 60s to the mid 70s, your wiring is most likely aluminum. At that time during the Vietnam war, copper prices were at an all time high and aluminum wiring was a great way to keep the costs low and provide builders with an alternative. The issue in today’s day and age is that aluminum wiring expands and contracts at a different rate than copper. The receptacles, switches and light fixtures installed in today’s time are copper rated which doesn’t work with aluminum wiring. Oxidization occurs and overheating, sparking of connection begins, resulting in fires! There is nothing wrong with aluminum, however, it must be adequately terminated with aluminum to copper marrettes connecting copper tails to each new device. If your house was built in the ALUMINUM WIRE era, then call us today so we can make your home safe.
by Gorge Electrical Services - November, 2018
• The most common reason for fires in residence is from Aluminum Wiring/ loose connections in your panel and receptacles that are broken and have loose terminals. Loose terminals create arcing which obviously creates heat and resulting in a fire!

• Estimated cost per device is $25.00
Before you purchase your next home, make sure you get a proper electrical inspection. Most insurance companies won’t re-insure a home that contains more than 10 percent knob and tube wiring or 60 amp services in a single residence. Call us today. Our inspections include a full report with cost breakdowns and photos for $300.00 plus HST.

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