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Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring Replacements

Is your home over 30 years old? If you so, your home most likely has what is called “knob and tube” wiring or an ungrounded electrical system. Knob and tube wiring was considered “state-of-the-art” in Victoria back then, but now is considered extremely dangerous and is in violation of BC's current electrical code and as a result is often not able to be insured by most insurance underwriters. Let us take care of your knob and tube wiring replacements in your home. Call us for a free quote

Two Stranded Wiring

Uses a hot wire and a neutral wire only, there is no ground wire. As a result, there is absolutely no protection should a fault occur. Electrical shocks and fires can often result from faults caused by knob and tube two stranded wiring.

60 amp service

Older knob and tube electrical systems use a 60 amp service, with the wiring fused at 15amps. This means more current is flowing through knob and tube wiring than it is meant to handle, which leads to excessive heat and sometimes fires.

Poor Insulation on Wiring

Knob and tube wiring used sheathing to insulate the wires, and these disintegrate rapidly over time. Buildings in Victoria that contain knob and tube wiring are older which only increases this problem.

Two Prong Outlets

Knob and tube electrical systems also use two-prong receptacles, restricting the use of kitchen appliances. Without the presence of a ground wire, the risk of shock and severe injury are greatly increased.