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EMF Reduction & Removal Services

Gorge Electrical and EMF Solutions Victoria are your complete EMF/RF reduction specialists. We take care of all your home or business's protection needs, both inside and outside.

EMF Testing

EMF and RF exposure testing to identify internal and external sources of EMR pollutants.

RF Shielding.

We reduce or remove low and high frequency electromagnetic fields by shielding or removing the offending source

Sleep Sanctuaries

We will help you create a low EMF bedroom, allowing your body to sleep better and recuperate quicker

RF Testing

We test, measure and assess the Radio Frequency spectrum in your home or business and provide solutions to reduce the RF impact.

Smart Meter Relocation

We can safely relocate your BC Hydro smart meter to it's own secure location away from your home.

Water Supplies

We can eliminate electrical current and magnetic fields from your home, office or school’s water supply.